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Vitamin A is needed for many functions of our body, especially for healthy skin and eyes. Together with zinc, it is necessary for cancer prevention and healing, and for generative glands (gonads) functionality. Itching skin is one of the symptoms of its absence, which in further stage can also cause problems with menstruation for women and with fertility for men.

It is said that surplus of vitamin A is toxic, yet that is only a theory and there is no known case of problems coming from vitamin A overdosage.

Night blindness is caused by poverty of vit A, if you don't see items in the room at night in 7 seconds after switching the light off, you are probably night blind and shall increase your vit A intake.

It is dissolvable in fats but not in water, can't stand light, is not destroyed by heating but could be destroyed by baking according to latest news.

Generally it is accepted we need 25 to 55 IU per 1 kg of body weight, ie. 2400 - 4000 IU per day, or two to three times more of beta carotens, as the provitamin B is two to three times weaker than the vitamin coming from animal products.

Dietary Reference Intakes published by Food and Nutrition Board of Institute of Medicine of National Academies for vitamin A in 2004 stand at 700-900 micrograms of vitamin A per day for an average healthy adult. Recommendations for infants, children, males and females under 18 years of age, or females during lactation and pregnancy differ from the average.



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