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Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is an important antioxidant (similarly as, for example, vitamin C is). It is solvable in fat. It was discovered at the University of California in Berkeley more than eight decades ago.

It helps with many diseases (colinephritis, trombophlebitidis, scalds and varicose ulcers among others), is good against skin problems and for general vitality, energy, happiness and boosting energy. It can shift the menopause frontier for women up to 50-59 years mark, thus saving heart and bones. Optimum dosage for preventing deformation and desctruction of cells is 400-600 IU/d.

Vitamin E can hurt only with rheumatical heart diseases and with hypertension.

Vitamin E is possible and often needed to apply in doses up to one hundred times higher than the norm is. However be warned: first consult with your physican or similar professional.

You can find vitamin E only in plants. Common sources include nuts or vegetable oils. The natural form is always preferred over the synthetic form.

It is not destroyed by cooking, but could be substantially diminished by freezing and conservation.   You coul destroy it by contact with iron (Fe), though. There must be at least 6-12 hours gap between an intake of E and Fe when you need both.

The norms, depending on the country where you live, indicate that 14 - 30 mg of this vitamin is needed, yet many scientists claim it is way too little. Low fat diets may decrease natural vitamin E intakes, so proper food and additional supplements choices have to be made to ensure at least the recommended daily allowance is met.

Dietary Reference Intakes published by Food and Nutrition Board of Institute of Medicine of National Academies for vitamin E in 2004 stand at 15 mg of vitamin E per day for an average healthy adult. Recommendations for infants, children, males and females under 18 years of age, or females during lactation and pregnancy differ from the average.



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